Wednesday, 6 October 2021

Music is important

Screenshot of diverse Amazon Music playlists
Music is important to me. Songs are poetry set to music. and can be powerful and inspiring. Music inspires me, and can be truly evocative. I often imagine music as a soundtrack to my life at certain points. For example, the day I left my crappy high school for the last time, I remember thinking about the final strains of "Nessun Dorma" with its powerful, overpowering "vincerĂ²!" to overcome years of unhappiness I had endured there, as I walked out and did not look back.

I am no musician, I cannot read music or even know the right vocabulary to describe it most of the time, but I appreciate what I like and the work of the artists that I enjoy listening to. I have extremely eclectic tastes, everything from classical, Welsh folk, queer pop, movie soundtracks (I love these in particular), 90s indie, 80s pop, German rap and rock.... I can never predict what I'll get into next.