Sunday, 31 May 2020

Update 2020

It's been some time since I last wrote anything on my own website, so I thought it time to update my site. A lot of things have changed, but always for the better. I am pursuing a new and different career path than previously, and I have to admit I've been less than productive on the writing front, but am getting back into the writing saddle.

Over the last year or so, I had been attending fewer and fewer local spoken-word events, partly due to my renewed focus on writing and on improving my health, and partly due to other commitments. Last year (2019) I took part in the Worcestershire Poet Laureate competition, but always the bridesmaid, never the bride, ha ha ha; I did not win! It's a great organisation, and I will continue supporting it, even though this year it's been postponed currently, for obvious health reasons (Covid-19).

I've also been working hard on some speeches for a Provincial Freemasonry competition. I've entered a few times every year the contest has been running, and although I've not yet won, I've placed well, and more importantly, always learned a lot.

I won't be shy about this: I'm a Freemason, and I have come to meet so many wonderful Brethren and their families over the years from all walks of life: mechanics, unemployed, lawyers, clergy, policemen, politicians, businessmen, and the one unifying thing that they share is they they all wish to do good for society. I gain great pleasure from the sense of fraternity and love I find amongst my Brothers, and there is is always a helping hand to be found for all, in all areas of society, and the opportunity to find myself amongst a wonderful group of people. It's what its about: Brotherly love, relief (charity), and truth.

And now? It's 2020. We now live with the constant threat of Coronavirus/Covid-19, which is one thing that is not for the better. It's, of course, a devastating virus that has ripped through communities, and destroyed lives. I could go on a personal and political rant about how I feel the governments of certain countries have excelled or failed in handling the virus, but I'll leave that for another time. However, I will say this: it's called Coronavirus, or Covid-19. To call it otherwise, as some have tried to call it the Chinese virus or Wuhan virus, would be to be just wrong because it unfairly can cause stigma against certain groups of people, nationality, or ethnicity.

 Although I always counted myself as having a good vocabulary and a good grasp of language, I like most of the UK had to find out a bit about the word furlough. Because of this, I'm taking a break from the day-job. It could give me some time to write again, and also to read. I'm really getting into paper books again for the first time in years. My eyesight has finally improved somewhat, thanks to a brilliant optician recently noticing I had a particular eyesight issue that could easily be corrected. It had not been properly diagnosed for the last eleven years by my previous optician. I'm working my way through a pile of books, and for fun, I may post reviews here.

So, that's my update. I hope you are all keeping well, and please keep safe, and keep healthy.