Thursday, 3 December 2015

Movie Night Advent Calendar 2015: Day 3: The Cell

Today we review "The Cell", a 2000 film starring Jennifer Lopez and Vince Vaughn.

Lopez plays a psychologist/researcher who goes into people's minds through a science fiction device which involves her wearing a very tight rubber suit. When a serial killer is incapacitated, with a victim of his about to be killed by the killer leaving the victim in a slowly filling tank. The cops don't know where the victim is, though, so the cops send Jennifer Lopez into the killer's mind to find out where the victim is and rescue the victim before she drowns. When inside the mind, it's further dress-up time for Jennifer Lopez in a variety of arty settings, as she dresses in lace and a fetish collar, before finally dressing up as the Virgin Mary.

This film has visual glory, wide angle shots, and Jennifer Lopez in alluring and sexy outfits. But the movie does not know what it wants to be. Does it want to be a strange psychological thriller, like the Silence of the Lambs, an art-house horror movie (one of the scenes is reminiscent of a Damien Hurst piece), a science fiction piece exploring reality รก la Philip K . Dick, or simply a masturbatory aid for those who admire the physical attributes of Jennifer Lopez? It tries to be all of them, and fails to hit the mark on most counts.

It clearly suffers an identity crisis, and with a weak plot to back it up, its only positive attributes are the visual.