Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Movie Night Advent Calendar 2015: Day 2: Ghostwatch

Tonight I review "Ghostwatch".

First broadcast at 9:25 P.M. on 31 October 1992,  I was thirteen at the time. I remember it being built up in the days before as a potential documentary. With an interest in the paranormal, I was keen to watch.

It all seems rather ordinary for the first half, an investigation into a haunting in a house with a sympathetic yet disbelieving set of hosts. It all seems that the family at the centre of the investigation is putting on a bit of a hoax, until things really get scary. It is this point that things kick off. The paranormal attack begins from the ghost Pipes, climaxing in a national seance.

What is so outstanding about this film was that at the time so many people were taken in by it. There was only the slightest hint that it was at the time a fictional presentation, with the use of presenters known only for their mainly factual presentation careers: with veteran TV presenter Michael Parkinson at the helm, along with Mike Smith and his wife Sarah Greene, and Craig Charles for light comedy effect, only Craig Charles was known to the viewers as an actor, due to his role in the then successful comedy series Red Dwarf.

It took me 23 years to watch it again, and even forewarned that this time I would be watching a fictional piece, it was still a scary thing to watch. I think this film is great; you just won't want to go under the stairs for a while after watching it....