Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Writing casting couch.... I think I need to work out how to use Pinterest...

I definitely need to use Pinterest. As I understand it, it's a place to clip pictures from around the Internet, collate them in one place,an online scrapbook, perhaps.

Why do I need something like this? As I write, I like to put faces to the movie in my mind, and play Work In Progress casting couch. In my mind for my current work in progress about the period leading up to 1066, I have a vibrant BRIAN BLESSED (whose name must always be typed in capitals, because he's so loud) playing the part of Earl Godwin of Wessex, with John Malkovich as King Edward the Confessor.

I'd love to share my imaginary casting couch with you (I've got a perfect actor who I've cast as Robert of Jumi├Ęges, the Bishop of London), but what with all the copyright issues of photos on various websites, I'm looking for a way to bypass this. Would Pinterest do the trick, do you think?