Tuesday, 1 April 2014

National Poetry Month (US)

This month, I will be attempting to write one poem (or more) each day for the duration of April 2014. Why? Because it's (US) National Poetry Month, and I like a challenge. I have a theme I'm working on, but won't go into detail until the month is finished. All I'll say is that April 1st is an important date for the start of this project....

I plan to collate the poems into an anthology for release later this year.

It should be noted, the National Poetry Month is April for the USA. Here in the UK, National Poetry Month is in October. As I've already started this poetry project for April, it looks like I'll have another chance to celebrate a month of poetry later on this year!

In the meantime, look out this summer for an exciting poetry book, which I am currently writing with the goal of getting it complete in one month!