Saturday, 22 March 2014

Shave the Scottish Beavers Selfie

Damon Lord with a Bic razor
Apparently if you post a selfie photo, awareness is raised for or money goes to a good cause, depending on what you read. People have posted pictures of themselves in or out of make up, and now they are appearing in socks. I've even seen pictures on Facebook of people with beer bottles. I am posting this picture of me with a Bic razor to raise awareness of a cause that is close to my heart: Shave the Scottish Beavers. Beavers are being introduced into the wild in Scotland, and it is my firm belief that they would be able to move quicker through the water without hair/fur. Join me in proudly supporting Shave the Scottish Beavers.

Please note: some (or all) of the above text may be bullshit.