Saturday, 21 December 2013

Advent calendar 2013: day 21 "Wolf at the Door"

It’s time for the next page behind the advent calendar door. Today, we visit Singapore, to enjoy an urban fantasy by J. Damask, named “Wolf at the Door”. I’ve never been to Singapore, but I truly got a feel for the city as a living, breathing character, as much as for the characters themselves. The main character, Jan Xu, is a werewolf, and so is her family, her children, but not her husband. The book really is one of the best characterisations I’ve come across in a character dealing with cultural issues, not only dealing with Chinese-Singaporean cultural issues, it’s one of the most fabulous renderings of shape-shifting lifestyles and cultures that I’ve come across. It also gives insights to a general supernatural undercurrent going on in Singapore from Jan Xu’s past, and when her sister brings home an alpha wolf from London, that’s when things really get interesting…
It’s a fabulous read, and you can obtain it from Amazon UK on Kindle here or in paperback here.