Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Advent calendar 2013: day 18 "The Gene Generation"

"Gene Generation" had many the elements to be a successful bio-punk film. A low budget, some great acting, a rather feisty heroine Michelle with big guns (played by Bai Ling), but sadly it falls down. Driven by her need to rescue her wayward brother, Jackie, from his spiralling descent into the criminal underworld, Michelle is an assassin who knocks off DNA hackers. Bai Ling plays the spirited lead perfectly, opposite her DNA scientist neighbour played by Alec Newman, but many of the other characters, particularly the brother, Jackie, played by Parry Chen, fail to impress.I am still trying to work out if Parry Chen's acting and portrayal of Jackie is at fault, but I suspect it is more likely the script that's the weakest link, because the science element of this science fiction film is flimsy at best.

It's however a stunning film, considering the low budget, and the soundtrack particularly impresses through truly atmospheric music with a hauntingly played erhu, and it is still most definitely worth a watch, if you ignore the ludicrous sciencey stuff, so point your browser in the direction of Amazon UK and click here to obtain a copy.