Sunday, 15 December 2013

Advent calendar 2013: day 15 "Luna Blanca"

We turn now to a urban fantasy TV series from the Philippines, "Luna Blanca", broadcast by GMA in 2012 which I thoroughly enjoyed..The teleserye ran for 115 episodes, following the lives of the two eponymous twin sisters, Luna and Blanca. It was a sequel to a previous show, Luna Mystika, which I have not seen, but unfamiliarity with the previous series does not detract in any way from the enjoyment of the series, although a knowledge of the Tagalog language is required for proper enjoyment.
It has everything, drama, love, hate, deception, separation, reconciliation, a third ghost sister named Annie, a wicked step-mother (a staple of the Philippine telenobela) named Divine, high drama at a wedding, engkanto named Devolas as the demonic creature who takes human form in the later part of the series.