Friday, 13 December 2013

Advent calendar 2013: day 13 "The Descent"

Today's offering on the advent calendar is one of the few films to have genuinely scared me. I'm talking about "The Descent" (this film is unrelated to the Jeff Long novel of the same name).

It's about a group of female characters, who go on a caving expedition. Already uncomfortable at this stage, due to the depicted spelunking, the claustrophobic panic attack of one of the characters whilst twisting through tunnels in an early part of the film is depicted well to make you feel the fear inside the cave, and serves as a delicious forerunner of a greater fear fest that is to come.

To add to the danger, they are moving through unexplored caves, so no one knows they are there, and then an accident forces them on in through the tunnels, until they encounter something underground.

It is at this point that the fear factor is ramped up. The gore begins, although it is not the blood that makes this film scary, it's the psychological factor of the crawlers underground silently stalking our heroines from all angles, up close in a wide array of caves they cannot escape from.

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