Sunday, 1 December 2013

Advent calendar 2013: day 1 "The Adventures of Pluto Nash"

So it's nearly Christmas 2013. To celebrate this countdown to Christmas, I'm going to do something different this year, namely review a load of random films and books that I've seen or read, the genre of course being horror, sci-fi, or fantasy, the usual sort of thing that you and I both like. Titles are completely random, so there will be a wide range of diversity and quality.

Firstly, we'll begin with The Adventures of Pluto Nash.

I wish I could find good things about this film. Pluto Nash (Eddie Murphy) is introduced as a successful bar owner in Little America, on the Moon, in the year 2087. The Mob however are interested in buying his establishment, and when he refuses to sell, the bar is blown up. Pluto then goes in search of the head of the Mob, an character called Rex Crater, who sends his henchmen in search of Pluto to kill him. It is a very predictable film in terms of plot.

I rapidly came to the conclusion that the sets and scenery were possibly the best things about the film. When you find yourself considering "nicely done grime on the walls" instead of "where is Pluto Nash going", you know the film's in trouble.

It is clear within the first few minutes that the writing of the film was clearly not up to scratch. Billed as a comedy, I found the robot characters possibly slightly humorous yet so damned predictable. Very little else amused. It is not adventurous, as Eddie Murphy plays the tired-out typical Eddie Murphy Axel Foley-style character he plays in every movie, and not to his or the film's credit. Acting by Rosario Dawson (the bar singer Dina) and Dennis Quaid (Bruno, the robot) is one of the most positive elements of the film, considering the poor script they had to work with. They must have been sleepwalking through, just thinking of the pay cheque at the end, and they have my sympathies.

I paid very little for this online: I paid just 1p plus postage and packing. It was money down the drain, and the seller must have been very glad for me to take it off their hands.

If you really want to get it for yourself, click here. But trust me, you're better off searching online for a picture of Rosario Dawson and Dennis Quaid, printing it out and sticking that to the wall in the kitchen to look at, and then setting about cleaning the oven or descaling the kettle or something more fun like that.