Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Advent calendar 2013: Christmas Day! "Cars"

I'm not going to beat about the bush here. With "Cars", Pixar and Disney have produced an horrific masterpiece. It's an incredibly moving, vicious film, with characters that are clearly tempted to attract. Having been drawn in, the viewer realises all too late that the characters have brutal motivations and personalities.

The tale is of Lightning McQueen, a ruthless creature in the body of a car that will stop at nothing in his blind ambition to follow his mechanical programming and drive. It is clear that this horror film is set in a post-apocalyptic world where humans have either been wiped out by machines, or the human personalities have been brutally fused with the machines themselves.

It is horrifying to see the main character horribly wrapped in barbed wire and hung up in the main street in one torture scene, a scene that would not make it past the censors to get an 18 certificate if the characters were human. The main characters think nothing of torture, as can be seen when the Lightning McQueen is drawn into a darker, murkier hellish way of existence when he and the psychopathic Tow Mater go tractor tipping, with the intent of causing harm to a field of docile characters. It also revels in seeing the characters go through pain. In a pivotal and distressing scene, the rule of law is ignored and the lead character is chained to a tar truck and made to work without pay, suggesting to the impressionable viewer that ignoring rule of law, shackling and forced slave labour is a good thing. Furthermore in the opening sequence, McQueen undergoes incredible masochism in persuit of his goal. In the climax of the film, "The King" suffers a terrible accident, only for Lightning McQueen to push the injured vehicle through further pain and shove him in a drawn out scene across the finishing line.

There is perhaps some modicum of hope that McQueen has learned something at the end, but no, after having the opportunity to escape Torture Central (or Radiator Springs as they call it in this film), the character decides to make it his home, in a classic case of Stockholm Symdrome.

I felt sick after watching this. It is a masterpiece of the horror genre. I would not recommend it to anyone impressionable, and this should not be viewed by anyone under the age of 21. If you still want to obtain a copy from Amazon UK, click here.