Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Shout out from Xixi Yang and musician Damon Lord

So in a burst of vanity, whilst hanging out with some friends, we put our names into YouTube to see if there was anything on there about us. My good friend and Paralympian, Aj Ahmed, certainly has loads of stuff including a video where he gave a speech at the Worcester Sports Awards; click here to view his speech; unfortunately there are no subtitles for his Scouse accent.

So as for the results coming up with the name Damon Lord, I was pleased to find there an interview dating back to 2010, with another Damon Lord, a musician in California, talking about (amongst other things) spiritual and intellectual orgasms in Club Squeeze, Los Angeles. The interviewer is a famous TV host, the multilingual Xixi Yang.

So, we're sat there, enjoying the wonderful relaxed interview technique of Damon Lord, and then to surprise us all, I get a name check from both Damon Lord himself, and the host Xixi Yang! Watch the video, and check it out about 2 minutes 51 seconds in, when Xixi Yang confirms she's been stalking me (or him, the musician Damon Lord) online, when they mention me, a linguist and writer in the UK.


Thanks, Xixi Yang and (the other) Damon Lord for the shout out!