Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Police Commissioner elections 2012

Tomorrow we elect the Sheriff of the Police for the local area (or something like that, I'd tell you more if I'd got a leaflet to explain it, but I haven't, so I don't understand it much).

Unfortunately, all of the candidates for the West Mercia Police area have failed to engage with the voters; even someone as interested in the political process as me, I don't know who the candidates are, media coverage hasn't been great, and no leaflets have come through either from the candidates or even from the electoral commission explaining what it's about. I even went on the electoral commision website to order a copy of the booklet in large print (because as you'll know by now, my eyesight is poor) explaining what it's about. I did it before the publication date of 26 October, so in plenty of time, but nothing has come through the post.

For those who are interested, for the West Mercia Police area, the candidates are (thanks to a Google search):

Bill Longmore (Independent), Adrian Blackshaw (Conservative) and Simon Murphy (Labour)

I predict turnout (in West Mercia Police area at least) to be very low, given the lack of engagement with the voters, who probably don't even recall there is an election tomorrow.