Wednesday, 12 September 2012

What I did in my summer - class report

What did you do over the summer? I used to hate having to write those sort of reports at school. There's not much you can say to grown-up teachers when you've spent the summer thinking you're a super hero whilst riding your bike up and down the street, or plotting epic fantasy novels in your head as you stroll the park, but not having the talent or the time to write them down on the summer's rainy day.

Things change, of course. These days I go to events where grown-ups love hearing the stuff I've been making up, and strangely ask me back to perform some more.
So, what HAVE I been up to this summer? As you've probably read on my site, quite a lot. Personal circumstances meant that I took a hiatus from writing and performing my works from autumn last year until summer of this year, but after that, it was all go go go with regular performances of my work. To  round off the summer perfectly, I found myself recently performing at 42 and Parole Parlate in Worcester within a few days of each other. Both nights were highly entertaining and powerful events, showing what fun is going to be had at both spoken word venues in forthcoming months.

The photo from Geoff Robinson shows all the performers on the night at Parole Parlate, September 2012. I'm the one in the shades with a stethoscope in the centre of the picture, shortly after performing the extended edition of my poem "Notional Health Service", and also a short story. I guess it went down well, because in the break I tried to make my way through the crowd to visit the bathroom, but I never made it, because everyone wanted to stop me and talk about my poem!

I was really astounded that night by the quality of the pieces. From the profane to the profound, I enjoyed most every piece of work I heard. To top all that, one of the Midlands' finest poets, Gary Longden was also wonderfully engaged in an engaging comedic battle of words with Amy Rainbow, and later I found he was also reviewing the night. Gary Longden wrote:

"Damon Lord of Worcester Writer’s Circle read a very strong Notional Health Service and The Kid which I enjoyed despite the panning which he claimed some had previously given it,sometimes writers need to have the courage of their convictions."

To have been reviewed so positively by one of the region's poetry circuit's finest was a real honour!

So what's next? I'm taking a short break from performing. I'm going to be working on some new material. I keep getting drawn back to some unfinished material I tinker with from time to time, and also have a plan at some point to write a series of stories set in the Philippines. Apart from that, I'm currently trying to overcome my addiction to Tagalog telenovelas. There yet is no known cure. Unless something comes up in the meantime, my next appearance reading in the UK will be on Hallowe'en (more details to follow in due course). How suitably for a dark writer like me, eh?