Sunday, 22 July 2012

Poetry at Worcestershire Barrio Fiesta 2012

Damon Lord, performing his poetry
at Worcestershire Barrio Fiesta 2012
This afternoon, as a last minute thing, I was asked to perform some of my poetry at the first Worcestershire Barrio Fiesta, held in Worcester this weekend by the local Filipino community. It was a two day event, and originally I had been hoping to get together a team of performance poets to perform yesterday, but bahala na (as they say in Tagalog), things didn't go according to plan earleir in the week during the organisation.

Suz Winspear, second from right, in the judging panel
However, I was able to call upon a good friend Suz Winspear to also appear and perform, and she even got drafted in at the last moment to become a judge in the Battle of the Bands competition! It was a highly successful afternoon, with the opportunity to present our work to a new audience.

Suz Winspear, performing her poetry at
Worcestershire Barrio Fiesta 2012