Friday, 22 June 2012

Unite, Damon Lords of the world!

This is a public service announcement on behalf of a person/people with probably the greatest name ever: Damon Lord (whichever one he/I is/am).

Reviewing site statistics for this site, I've recently noticed that some people are coming to this site looking for other Damon Lords, for example seeking the Damon Lord who is a musician. That Damon Lord is not me. I'm much less musically talented.

I therefore am taking this opportunity to list all the various people with the same name as me/us.

To enjoy the melodious output from Damon Lord (musician) who is not me, click here to go to his music videos on YouTube.

To enjoy the written output from Damon Lord (author, linguist) who is me, stay here on this site.

There are other persons called Damon Lord out there who are not me. If you would like me to provide a link to you or your work or your site on this page, let me know.