Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Just Around the U-Bend

Continuing to highlight some of my poetic work, I today present to you some toilet humour.

Just around the U-Bend


Damon Lord

Just around the U-bend

Around the twist

Lurks the

Gribbly Grabbly Grobbly Gwist

Down the pipe

And beyond the loo

Lives this horrid devil

Amongst all the poo.

Being quite awful

Of a Satanic species

You'd think he'd like it

Among all the faeces

But! He's a stinky demon

Straight from Hell

Yet he doesn't like

The shitty smell

For when your bumhole

Is open wide

He keeps your crap

All packed inside

You sit there feeling

Like a berk

The result: constipation!

Of his magic work

Nothing comes

There is no show.

You push and strain

You cannot go!

Grobbly Gwist's happy!

He's done his bit.

His pipe is clean

Of all your mess.

Take a laxative

Down the hatch

You sit back down

And make a splash

Don't flush the toilet!

The demon cries.

It fills his pipe

Right up to his eyes

Gribbly Grabbly's lost!

And you have won!

Who knew that shitting

Could be such fun?

The devil will be back

Fight another day

But you'll be prepared

And then you can say:

I know that just around the U-bend

And around the twist

Lurks the

Gribbly Grabbly Grobbly Gwist