Sunday, 22 January 2012

Top music for writing - 我給的愛

Sometimes, when I write, I just have to get into the right frame of mind by having the right music to write along with. I like to occasionally share a YouTube feed of the song (subject to it being available from YouTube, with the caveat of I am not responsible for the link not working, etc.).

Today we have 我給的愛 (The Love that I gave), as sung by 楊乃文 (Faith Yang), a top singer from Taiwan.

It's quite a moving song, full of sadness and loss, and meant a lot to me a long time ago when I first heard it 13 years ago, but focusing purely on the writing, it works for a piece I'm working on at the moment, helping me get into the character's feelings.

Here are the lyrics (if you can read Chinese; they're in the traditional script):

深夜的風 冷冷無情 覺得夜昏暗
腳邊煙蒂 散落一地 像是我的心
被風吹起 吹到那裡 我在那裡 沒有目的
我給的愛 要不回來
你說過的話 我不曾忘記
And on to the video itself!