Sunday, 30 October 2011

Happy Hallowe'en!

On the morning of the 31st October 2011, on BBC Radio Hereford & Worcester on the breakfast show (6am - 9am), one of my stories, a Lovecraftian tale entitled "The Latent Shadows", will be read out by the amazingly talented Fergus McGonigal on air (this is, of course, subject to air-time, producer approval, etc.), as part of a Hallowe'en feature on 42 Events (which I regularly perform at) and will feature the work of other great 42 writers too! Listen in!

I apologise this really is last-moment info, but I only found out about it myself on Sunday morning! In media, sometimes things move very quickly, and I'm quite excited about presenting my work to a wider audience like this!

‘42’ is Worcester’s first and only Gothic, Horror, Sci-Fi and Fantasy Open Mic Night for all those who love the genres and everything in between. Let your voice be heard! There will also be a barnstorming horrific and entertaining night for 42 Open Mic Night fans, as Hallowe'en comes to Worcester with a special Hallowe'en edition of 42! I sadly won't be there due to family commitments, but you have no excuse not to go! Check out their Facebook event page here!