Sunday, 23 January 2011

New year, new writing!

Welcome to 2011! Last year didn't have much in the way of writing news, but we did have some wonderful events, with the birth of our new son. All are doing well, and although it means sleepless nights at times, I am still getting in the writing when I can.

So what is going on with my writing? I'm still writing slowly, a side effect of the poor eyesight I suffer, but it is going well on a couple of projects. I have a few notes jotted down for a SF piece to be written in the style of "new space opera", as I think the particular sub-genre is now called, and look forward to getting on to that. In the meantime, there is a horror tale set just outside of Newport, South Wales, to be finished. I don't know why I find writing so easy when the piece is horror set in Newport, I don't know.Perhaps it says something about the town, hahaha?