Tuesday, 23 February 2010


Hi everyone!

I'm still alive. And even if I wasn't alive, I'd still be loving dark and speculative fiction.

Did you have a good Christmas? I got a Babylon 5 box set of every movie and episode (including Crusade) from my beloved wife. I am a huge fan of that show, and such terrific story telling is an inspiration, so I've been watching that a fair bit since Christmas. I reckon it'll take me months to get through it all.

There's not been much on the writing front for me recently, because I've been having a little trouble with my eyes of late (it's not from watching too much Babylon 5, honest!). This does not mean I've not been creative however, as I've been looking back over some work I'd put aside previously and have been thinking about rewriting it. I even made a short stab at it in January 2010, but again my eyes have been giving me trouble so not much progress there. Ho hum!

As I write more, I'll keep you all updated. Wish me (and my eyes) luck!