Tuesday, 1 December 2009


I mentioned in October that I was going to give NaNoWriMo a go in November. The goal was to write 50,000 words in a month.

Well, how did I do?

I nearly made it. I was on course, having had a few bad days here and there, to make it. On a good day, I was averaging about 2,500 words a day, I reckon, which would have compensated for my bad days (I needed to write a minimum of 1667 words a day to break even and get to 50K).

Then the lurgy struck in late November. A fever, sweats, sickness, all that fun. I'm still not 100% right, health-wise, but soldiering on.

And the writing? My final total for November was 32,790 words, which isn't too bad, almost two-thirds of the way there.

NaNoWriMo raises some important questions, however, the primary one being:

Was it worth it?

Yes, yes it was worth it. I learned a lot about self-discipline if I want to eventually go pro with my writing, and the necessity to write every day.

I also learned that the plot I was using during November might not stretch to novel length, and might be better off in future being rewritten as a novella. I have some things to learn about length and whether certain plots and story ideas are suited to different lengths.

But above all, I had fun doing it. I met some great people along the way, and I'll be back for more NaNoWriMo fun next year!