Sunday, 30 August 2009

British Fantasy Society competition

Well, I'm now a married man! Good times have been had in the Philippines, and I got an interesting yet brief look at the folklore, literature and speculative fiction of the country. I'll write more on this at a later date when I get time, as this is a topic well worth writing about. I must also get round to typing up some book reviews, as well as finishing off a novella I was working on before the wedding.

Right now I'm busy, trying to polish up a story for the British Fantasy Society Short Story Competition 2009. One of the conditions is: "To be eligible, the writer must not previously have been paid for more than three stories at the time of submitting their entry." I recently joined the BFS, and I certainly qualify under that criteria currently (unless I get some more paid acceptances in my inbox before tomorrow night), so I'm giving the competition a go and keeping my fingers crossed!

Addendum: I was not a winner, but my congratulations to the winners Patrick Whittaker and Elana Gomel.