Thursday, 28 May 2009


Why is it that finding a title for a piece is sometimes such torture?

Sometimes a title comes naturally. I wrote a dark story a while back and as soon as I'd finished it, the title naturally came to me, the well-known Latin phrase In Vino Veritas (Truth in Wine). It fit right in and lent itself naturally to the tale. It has been sent out, so hopefully there may be some good news on that one in due course.

Sometimes, however, it takes an absolute age to come up with a title. A story I wrote nearly two years ago has been languishing without a title; nothing I could think of was quite suitable, so it was just the unnamed story about a sword. I came up with a title finally today. The Price. It was the final missing piece of the puzzle; it had a name at last, so I sent it out.

For various projects, I am hardly ever able to come up with titles. Sometimes something will come out of the blue, With my tale Machiavellian Times, I came up with the idea, then had the title even before I had written the first word. It just flowed naturally.

Do titles ever come as a problem for you, fellow writers?