Thursday, 26 March 2009


With ongoing eyesight problems, as previously posted here, writing is turning out to be far more difficult than anticipated. But I'm getting to catch up with a few films I haven't seen, and a bit of TV.

Two years ago, over at my other blog, I posted a piece on a then up-coming film called Sunshine. I really like the work of the writer Alex Garland, and had been looking forward to watching the flick. Unfortunately, I did not get to see it in the cinema, but it was always on my to-see list. I finally saw it on DVD yesterday when my beloved fiancée Angie bought it for me to watch. She also bought Kung Fu Panda and forced me to watch that. Sigh.

Anyway, I was concerned at the time that a SciFi plot-bunny I was then developing would have similarities to the plot of Sunshine. I am now happy to report that it was in no way similar, and actually is a very good movie, which I heartily recommend. Due to the non-similarity of my plot-bunny and the film Sunshine, it means that I can get my SF story idea off the back-burner at some point in the future when I can write more and soldier on with it.