Sunday, 18 January 2009

Saturday writing

I'd say Saturday was a pretty good day. I got a fair bit of work done on the writing front, bringing in an important character with just the right amount of menace into my current WIP (Work In Progress).

It's time for a review of how things are going. My plan to get a novel finished by the middle of June is well under way. With about five months to go, I'm about 6500 words in to a piece, with a great opening and a pivotal middle scene already in the bag. I'm not so good at finding titles in the early stages of an opus, so I'll call this for the sake of convenience "The Village Project" for now. I'm currently typing my way on to a rather grisly, important and dramatic scene ahead in the first chapter, so there's fun to be had there when I get to that. Actually, I might leave it for the second chapter, leave the end of the first chapter on a cliff hanger, but we'll see about that when we get to that bit. It's coming up soon though. Things aren't going as fast as I'd like, but that's the downside of having a day job in the week in addition to being a writer.

I also managed to get a bit of thought into the next bit of the story too. Angie and I took a drive on Saturday afternoon across the wintry, barren counties of Worcestershire and Herefordshire. The skeletal trees arched over the narrow rural lanes we chose to venture down, with only rarely other drivers in their cold metal moving containers, and more often black crows and ravens looming ominously at the roadsides and occasionally flapping overhead. The Malvern Hills, beautiful and sharp against the sky as they were in the distance, were close-up quite cold with decay-brown bracken on the verges.

We stopped for a late lunch in the village of Bransford in Worcestershire, a place neither of us had been to before, in a lovely warm pub called The Fox Inn. The interior was faux olde worlde, with neat wooden beams across the ceiling (not buckled, curved and twisted beams as you'd find in a real old building), and old bottles and such mounted on the shelves, but it had a suitably warm welcoming atmosphere and even a real log fire inside. The food there is amazing, and to be recommended if you're in the area. I jotted down a bit of writing whilst in the pub; I was inspired.

Now all that remains is to get inspired in time to sort out a story by the end of the month. I have a couple of magazines in mind that I want to submit to, but at the moment I am doing work only on "The Village Project".

I had other plans for the evening but Angie and I had to focus on some paperwork so I didn't go out; I stayed in and we worked through the papers. To finish off, Angie and I sat down with a film on DVD. I hadn't actually seen Shaun of the Dead before, so it was a perfect time to watch the DVD and enjoy. Oh, how I laughed! I wondered how such a brilliant film had passed me by, so it's increased my resolve to work my way through (at some point) the list of films I want to watch that I have jotted down.

More Dämonic writing news soon....