Monday, 15 December 2008

Procrastination of the writer

All right, let's get to work. Hmm, three hundred words is the goal to write today isn't it? Let's type. Yeah. Just put the right music on. There. Not the right track on the album though. There.

I need a drink.

Tea or coffee or cider?

Open a can of cider. Now I need food. Biscuits, or the packet of Jack and Jill crisps from the Filipino store in town? Toast. Wait for the bread to cook, pop! Butter or margarine? Hmm, I love butter but margarine is easier to spread. Right, back to typing. Cider and toast.

Finish eating first.

There. Must do the washing up. Angie will kill me if I don't do the washing up before she gets home. Bit cold in here. Heating on? I'll check. No it isn't. I'll play Age of Empires II until it's warm enough in here to type three hundred more words on my novel.

Damn I'm being attacked near the towers I put up by the coast. Save. I'll continue later. Time to write. Check the e-mail first. What's the latest on Facebook? Ah I've been invited to join a new pressure group. What's that all about? Gordon Brown is a loser. Click, join. Post something about Gordon Brown not being trustworthy.

Right, back to the novel. Ah, need more drink. Tea this time. Yes. Boil the kettle. Sugar or honey? Sugar. Earl Grey or ordinary? Earl Grey. There, a cuppa.

Sit down to write. Must reread what I previously wrote. Hmm, change a word or two there.... Now time to get on with it..... Need more tea. Back in a minute.

Procrastination in the writer's friend enemy. Just get on with it!