Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Patience and writing

I'm an impatient so-and-so, and in taking up writing again, I've seriously had to learn patience.

There are two areas where this has hit home tonight. I've just decided to change a major aspect of the main character (MC), namely the job and motivation, in order to improve the tale. To go back at this stage and edit it would involve going back through the manuscript (MS) so far, spending ages rewriting bits where the MC talks about the reason for taking a journey to where the book takes place, thus stopping me from making much progress tonight.

So I stopped myself from going back. Anyone opening the file will be confused as the MC changes jobs after a couple of thousand words, but at the point of the change, I HAVE WRITTEN IN CAPITAL LETTERS a memo to myself to rewrite the earlier sections at a later stage. Patience, my boy, you can alter it in the rewrite. Reward yourself with an edit once you've finished the thing.

The other thing is that writing is a slow process to start with anyway. But novels don't always get written overnight. I've already struggled at the moment (8 Dec 2008) to get my daily 300 out, and then found that by the time I'd got the 300 minimum number of words out on to screen, I was into my stride, so wrote another 500 to make sure I was going places. Still it feels like the word count is not going up much, but the important thing it is going up.

Who knows? I may even meet my previously declared goal to finish a novel by the age of thirty....