Monday, 29 December 2008

My nephew's going to be a writer too

A few days after Christmas, I visited my family. My nine-year-old nephew asked to have a go on my new PDA, and rather than playing the games I've downloaded onto it, he instead crafted a story (and I can tell where the influence is from). He needs to work on punctuation a bit and pacing, and there is a distinct lack of deep characterisation, but the anthropomorphic rendering of the characters displays great potential, and further ultimately provides youthful insight into a child's viewpoint on the glory and futility of military action and conflict. He also shows promise as a writer of speculative fiction (in choosing Sci-Fi as a genre). It's very good for a nine-year-old, and he hopefully has a bright future ahead of him in writing!

Here is the story (published with permission):

Space badgers.

By J (name omitted, for obvious security reasons)

before the dawn of time a planet called badgertopia had an enemy called snakes the snakes were horrible the snakes had lasers for guns and animal skin for armour but the badgers had better weapons and armour the badgers had spaceships the biggest town in badgertopia was called badger castle it had over one billion people living in badger castle every battle they have been in they have won one year later the snakes attacked the badger planet the badgers were scared of the snakes so the badger government decided to attack the snakes the war had been going on for eight centuries after eight hundred and one years of war both of the planets were destroyed the end.