Friday, 5 December 2008


(Updated September 2012)

Damon Lord writes dark and speculative fiction.

He divides his time between England and the Philippines with his wife, Angie, and young son. Unlike the stereotypical writer, he does not like cats. He was also exiled from his native Wales for the inexcusable shame of not being interested in the national sport of rugby. He has also been visually impaired since 2009.

Damon has been writing since the age of six. For a few years he took a break from crafting stories in order to study, finally completing his degree in Humanities with English Language with the UK's Open University in 2007, although he did successfully complete a module (A174 for those interested!) in writing fiction along the way. He has now returned to writing with renewed vigour, and is currently working on his first novel. In 2012, he gained fifth place in the Worcestershire Poet Laureate contest.

When not found writing dark and speculative fiction, he speaks Esperanto and can be found cooking or learning obscure languages, and may even occasionally be observed holding down a day-job in IT. Damon Lord is currently studying for MA in Cthulhonic Linguistics (majoring in Madness) at Miskatonic University, Caermaen campus (may not be true).

If you are looking for Damon Lord the musician, that isn't me. For the Damon Lord who is a musician, click here to go to his music on YouTube.