Wednesday, 5 November 2014


Today has been a great day. My book Rise from the Fire launched today, 31 October 2014, in Kindle  format, and Sathan Graymalkin the Witch's Cat has also proved popular in print format. Many thanks to those who bought Rise from the Fire pre-release.

As a special gift for you, the reader, to say thank you for your support, Enigma in the Darkness is free today and tomorrow on Amazon Kindle! Be sure to click here to get yourself a copy.

And so to the competition. The witching hour is almost upon us. Would you like to win for free the collection of all three of my books in paperback, signed?

Yes? You would?

Let me remind you of the titles:

All will be signed, and shipped to wherever the winner may be (apart from North Korea; I don't think the government there would allow my books or any books from the West).

How do you qualify to win this amazing prize?

Simple: head on over to my Facebook page, by clicking here.

Like the page, and like and/or comment on the specific thread here.

Competition closes at 23:59 GMT on 5 November. One lucky person will have their name drawn at random, and will be contacted via Facebook to receive the prize. In the event the winner does not respond within 5 days of the close of the competition, another winner will be selected. The competition is not endorsed or run by Facebook in any way.


Winners have now been announced here!

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

COVER REVEAL: "Sathan Graymalkin the Witch's Cat: Poems for Hallowe'en"

"Sathan Graymalkin
the Witch's Cat:
Poems for Hallowe'en"
by Damon Lord
Cover artist:
This week my two new books will be launched at 42 Worcester on Wednesday. My new seasonal poetry collection "Sathan Graymalkin the Witch's Cat: Poems for Hallowe'en" is now already available from Amazon in Kindle format, and if you come along to 42 Worcester, you can buy a signed paperback copy! 42 Worcester held at Drummonds, New Street, Worcester on Wednesday, 7:30pm start.

Buy it online here.

Please be sure to keep checking back to this site to get the latest information on book releases, and to find out how to take part in a special Hallowe'en competition to win signed paperback copies!

COVER REVEAL: "Rise from the Fire"

"Rise from the Fire"
by Damon Lord
Cover artist:

This week my two new books will be launched at 42 Worcester on Wednesday. My new poetry collection "Rise from the Fire" is available to pre-order from Amazon in Kindle format, with a release date of 31 October, and if you come along to 42 Worcester, for one night only you can buy a paperback copy in advance, before it's even released on Kindle!

42 Worcester held at Drummonds, New Street, Worcester on Wednesday, 7:30pm start.

Buy it online here.

What about the other book? Come back here, at 6:16pm UTC, to find out more.....

Friday, 24 October 2014

Damon's Dutch Diary 3

Dutch this week stepped up a pace again. The cultural aspects were a focus on the geography on the Netherlands, with particular focus on the fact that a lot of the country is below sea level. I got the feeling that the proximity of the sea and the constant threat of flooding adds a lot the the psychology of the character of the people. I'm reading a German novel at the moment, Theodor Storm's “The Rider on the White Horse”. He lived in North Friesland, now a part of Germany (but back then it was a part of Denmark), but it is a coastal area also protected by dikes from the same cold, biting North Sea, and I am captivated by the way the nature of the threat of the water and the profile of a dark and forboding, savage sea seems to seep into the characters. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a hint of something similar coursing through Dutch literature, as well as Frisian literature.

This week was focussed on more verbs. It began with a much needed revision session of regular, or weak, Dutch verbs. Then it was on to strong verbs. The difficulty with strong verbs is that they are irregular, and change unexpectedly in form and sound. We were advised to learn them, and I noticed a lot of similarities with German irregular verb forms, so hopefully my knowledge of will serve as a useful prop.

To finish off, we started to form sentences. I have already noticed similarities with German sentence structure, so again this may assist my learning. We have homework for this.

Next week is the half term break, so there will be no class. I have a lot on next week, particularly as I'll be attending 42 Worcester, to launch my new poetry book (or possibly more!). However, this does not rule out any work on my part with Nederlands, as I have obtained a Dutch movie on DVD to watch, so that I'm still doing . Naturally, due to my deliciously dark nature, it is a horror film, and is called “Sint” (Saint). It is set on 6 December, and will hopefully give an insight into the Dutch customs of celebrating the coming of St Nicholas, albeit with a horror twist.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014


The countdown continues to Hallowe'en. Nine days remaining! There's some big news coming, and a competition, so if you want to win a great prize, keep coming back to this site.

In the meantime, here's some exciting news: my last poetry book, Enigma in the Darkness, will soon be reissued with a new cover! Here it is!

Cover artist credit:

Monday, 20 October 2014

Hallowe'en 2014 Countdown - 11 days to go

Hallowe'en is coming. There are only 11 days to go.

Would you like me to do something special for you, my lovely readers?